sandstone dust pools at

my feet yesterday’s hike slips

down the shower drain.


snow skitters off my

roof in the morning sun and

smashes on the ground.


I tripped and fell in

the snow and you know it was

n’t so bad down there.


quiet now listen

to the crisp crunch of snow flakes

breaking on the ground.


cornice drapes the ridge

in marshmallow glistening

white oh no it broke.


the sun the sun the

sun the sun the sun the sun

the sun is up. Warm.


hot shower on fresh

scrapes stings a sharp reminder

of that off-width crack.


warm rock in winter

flesh of the earth feels good on

cold palms and fingers.


sunlight beams twisted

through the clouds spilled across my

face and bit my cheek.


snug in a tent on

the glacier at night until

I had to go pee.