Can I Help You?

Do you have a great book “in your head,” but don’t have…

  • The time to “get it on paper,” or
  • The writing skills to “get it right?”

Writing a book is tough, and getting a book contract is nearly impossible. Even if you could get that great book out of your head and into a manuscript, publishing companies are hesitant to accept new authors or anyone who doesn’t come with a ready list of buyers. That’s why so many people have turned to self-publishing to get their books into the marketplace. It’s the surest way to go from wannabe-author to published author, and today’s tools make it fast, easy, and affordable.

As a non-fiction/memoir ghostwriter and editor, I help business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs write great books that educate, enlighten, and entertain readers. I also help people who have lived exceptional lives tell their stories.

I don’t publish books, but I can help you prepare a “reader-ready” manuscript that you can self-publish or submit to a publisher.

If you’re serious about writing a book, shoot me an email at and we can talk. I’ll answer your questions, but I don’t keep a list and won’t hound you to work with me (that’s not my style). I will tell you what’s involved, how long it takes, and the cost. Then you can think it over and decide if becoming an author is something you really want to do.

Sound good? Think about it. Then let me know what you have in mind.